Database Compare Suite™

Schema operations options

While performing schema comparison and schema synchronization operations, you will be redirected to the Schema comparison options and Schema synchronization options pages. Here you can exclude objects from the comparison and choose properties to ignore during comparison and synchronization operations.

Please note that the Database Compare Suite automatically excludes options that are not supported in the selected source or target databases.

On the right side of the settings window, you can set the type mapping options. You can make changes to type mapping in an opened project. The scale of change is limited to the current project.

Type mapping

Here you can switch between the Default, Columns and Parameters tabs.

Press the Add button to add a new mapping.

  • Choose the right types of source and target data in appropriate drop-down lists.

  • Press the Save button to save changes or Cancel button to discard changes.

To change already existing mapping select it in the list and press the Edit button.

To remove the mapping from the list select it and press the Remove button.

remove type mapping

Press the Import button and select a file with custom type mapping to upload it.

Press the Export button to export the existing type mappings to a file.

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