Database Compare Suite™

Hot keys

In Database Compare Suite, you can use a fixed number of hot keys that cannot be modified.

  1. Click Settings in the Project panel at the top left-hand corner of the window.

  2. Move to the Hot keys tab to get the information about keyboard shortcuts that are supported in Database Compare Suite.

  3. Scroll through the window to see all hotkeys. Click on the group name to expand or collapse information in it.

  4. Here’s the complete list of hotkeys that can be used in Database Compare Suite.

    About… Ctrl + F1
    Help F1
    Project Operations
    Open Project Ctrl + O
    New Project Ctrl + N
    Close Project Alt + X
    Save Project Ctrl + S
    Save Project As Ctrl + Shift + S
    Settings Ctrl + P
    Tab Control Operations
    Close Tab Middle mouse button click
    Close Tab Ctrl + W
    Close All Tabs Ctrl + Shift +W
    Tree Operations
    Collapse All Ctrl + Left
    Expand All Ctrl + Right
    Collapse Left
    Expand Right
    Copy Object Name Ctrl + C
    Metadata Tree Operations
    Refresh F5
    Execute New Query Ctrl + F5
    Align Objects Ctrl + Shift + A
    New Query Dialog Operations
    Load Script Ctrl + O
    Save Script Ctrl + S
    Execute Script F5
    Stop Execution Shift + F5

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