Database Compare Suite™

Creating a new project

Below you can find the information to help you create a new database comparison project.

  1. Launch the Database Compare Suite application by clicking the appropriate icon.

  2. Click New in the Project panel at the top left corner of the window.

  3. Pick the right database platform for each database in the drop-down list at the top of the dialog box.

  4. Enter the connection parameters for each database: connection mode, server name, server port, authentication method, username and password if needed. You can opt for a using SSL to establish a secure connection. Also, you can allow the driver to trust the server certificate when connecting to the SQL Server database using TLS.

    • If the connection parameters of your databases match each other, you only need to enter them once, duplicating the information from the left panel into the right one and vice versa, using buttons with right and left arrows respectively.

    • Also, you can swap panels, using the appropriate button .

    • In this picture, shown are the parameters for Microsoft SQL Server connection. You can find more information about the settings for other database platforms connections in the corresponding pages of the manual.

  5. Click on the Test button to ensure the connection to the server can be established, and the connection parameters have been entered correctly. The project cannot be created if one of the connections fails.

  6. Don’t forget to check the Remember password checkbox, so you don’t need to enter passwords later on.

  7. Click OK to create a new project, or Cancel to close the dialog box.

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