Database Compare Suite™

Application configuration file

You can change settings for the command-line interface of the Database Compare Suite application by modifying the configuration file (it’s default name is DBBest.DataSuite.Console.exe.config).

The key parameters of configuration file are listed in the following table.

Setting Description
log.level Logging level. The following values are supported: error, warning, info, debug and none (disable logging).
max.symbols.decimal.numbers Number of digits to display as decimals in the exponent form.
rowbuffersize Row buffer size. Buffers are used only for pairs of tables or views, where some sorting key columns have string types and different collations. This setting is used only in the Detailed data comparison operation.
add.stylesheet.reference Save stylesheet document with the exported result. The reference to the stylesheet document allows displaying the result of export in a friendly format. This setting is used only in the Schema comparison operation when a result is exported into the .xml format. Supported values: true, false.
max.errors.number.per.operation The number of allowed errors per operation with data object pair. This allows you to continue the operation until the number of occurred errors doesn’t exceed the limit (if you set the limit to zero, operation will never stop, regardless of the number of errors in the process).
disable.calculation.of.row.count Disable preliminary calculation of row count. If this value is set to true, performance for tables with a large number of rows will be increased. Percent of data to move for Data migration (limited to 10% in the trial version and can be modified only in full version of the application). Supported values are between 1 to 100. The maximum number of connections to process data. Supported values are between 1 and 20.
max.connections.number.for.metadata.loading The maximum number of connections for metadata loading. Supported values are between 1 and 20.

The command and connection timeouts are listed here.

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